Sunday, July 04, 2004

Happy Independence Day!

There is something vaguely depressing about watching fireworks by yourself. From where I live, I can look out across the city and see the tops of at least three big fireworks displays, plus whatever explosives the neighbors decide to light. There was a woman and her son lighting Roman candles in the parking lot when I came back inside.

I just hope nothing big catches on fire tonight. We've had some rain, so it isn't as dry as it was, but I still worry that some idiot kids may decide to set off bottle rockets too close to the bosque or something.

I'm trying to decide if I want to bother taking tomorrow off or if it would be better to earn a day of flextime. I doubt I'd be able to get much of anything done on the home front, so maybe I should just go to work. I have a morning meeting on Tuesday, and I'm afraid I'll have a terrible time waking up for it after an extra-long weekend.

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Susanna Chenoweth said...

Hi hon, Sorry you had to spend the 4th alone. Hope your neighborhood didn't require any emergency runs by the fire patrol. (I can imagine your area could be like a tinderbox this time of year, as dry as it is, so I understand your concern.) Next year, perhaps you and Buck can get together with a few friends to enjoy the holiday - not so alone. Guess this year you truly got to celebrate Independence Day "independently," right?
I was surprised we had as many come to our BBQ this year as we did. (A grand total of 18, counting kids, though not everybody was here at the same time. Even Bruce, Ruth and Mike came briefly. It was nice to have some of Roy's side finally make it.) Of course, as you know, we've had years when the crowd was much leaner. Mostly, people just ate and sat around in the shade and talked, then ate some more. Mom finally caught a glimpse of one of our foxes, even acting excited about it. Then, as we old folks digested our food our way - by sitting, we watched the kids digest their food their way - by playing. At one point, they were all chasing each other with small willow branches, waving their arms and giggling as they ran. Ian and Griffin would occasionally stop to do some impressive swishing and sparring at each other, but mostly they just ran around and giggled. At another point, Ashley, Kelsey, Ian and Griffin piled into the hammock together, resembling a lounging litter of puppies. The older Lexi stood nearby, supervising them, keeping them from killing each other. Thankfully, no injuries were reported. It was hot, though, so the Burket and Petty kids enjoyed most of their time in the pool, as did a few adults. People left early, having other commitments or firework displays to go to. Mike and Kirstin were going to the drive-in theatre to see Spiderman 2. (We saw it yesterday at the matinee. It was good.) Only Mark and Jeanne hung around past dark. The only fireworks we saw were also those seen over back yard treetops. Ellis Park had some to our north, and Prock's residence or the golf course had some even nicer ones to our south. I didn't stay out too long. The mosquitos were biting. At least you should have had a bite-free viewing of yours, eh? Hope you're having a happy 6th!