Monday, November 08, 2004

Drugs! Yay!

I have a cold. It started with a sore through last Thursday, and then progressed to a runny nose and stuffed up head. It wasn't exactly painful once I got to the phlegmy stage of things, but I was no longer capable of coherent thought. So much for my novel writing! After suffering through it this past weekend (well, spending a lot of time watching cartoons, and using massive amounts of tissues) and keeping my husband awake with my wheezing at night, I finally gave in and got some Sudafed 12 Hour Tablets. It's impressive the difference it makes. I can think again and no longer feel like my brain is being displaced by mucus. (Yucky image, I know.) If only it could be a little more selective about what tissues it dries out. Living in the desert, I need to keep what moisture I can. Oh well. I'll take a pill so I can breathe at work and some cherry-flavored NyQuil if I'm feeling lousy at bedtime, but I think I'll be done with this cold soon.

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