Thursday, August 03, 2006

Widdershins update

I've had multiple people contact me about adapting the heel shaping of Widdershins for a different number of stitches, so I'll write up some general instructions this weekend.
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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Squeaky! On my needles at the moment is two pairs of socks. One, STR, has my first attempt at turned heels. The are about to be my first attempt at frogged turned heels! The other pair is just getting to the heel part and I was planning to adapt the Widdershins heel. Maybe these florescent socks can wait...


linda said...

I am about to start my first toe up sock. Widderskins toe question: How is the toe closed if you start with 9 stitches?

Anonymous said...

I just started these too - use "Judy's magic cast on", and magically, the toe starts off closed! Not sure how but it works. Good luck