Sunday, September 17, 2006

Lazy, yet productive, weekend

I feel like I didn't do much this weekend, but when I think about it, I realize we did get a lot accomplished.
  • We're caught up on laundry. We even used the clothesline instead of the dryer for all our loads. We shall be clothed this week!
  • I went to a knitting group on Saturday afternoon. I had a great time socializing and I knitting most of the cuff of sock number two of my current pair. I'm rather proud of this pair I've been working on this past week. I'm experimenting with shaping to cradle the arch of my foot. The first sock feels neat, but I'm not sure how I'll like them after wearing the pair for a full day.
  • While I was at the knitting group, my husband bought a lot of groceries. (Okay, I can't claim credit for that, but it was something accomplished this weekend.)
  • I mowed the front lawn, or at least, I ran the mower over the front lawn. The grass sort of laid down before the blades and very little was cut. When I looked behind me, I could see wheel dents in the grass, but the length was pretty much the same as before. Oh well, I tried.
  • Today, I scrubbed the stove. I removed the burners and found some sort of disgusting grease pit that I suspect the previous owner never touched. I know I didn't want to touch it. Much scrubbing later, I still wouldn't want to run my hand across it, but it is much better than before. I'll try to make a little more headway every time I clean the stove.
  • While I was fighting the grease monster, my husband reorganized the storage shed so now all of his tools fit and are accessible without having to move the bikes. Given that until now, his toolbox has been on the living room floor, it was a great improvement. (Again, not me, but my husband deserves some big praise. I'm still not sure how he fit everything in there.)
  • I swept up some dust bunnies while talking to my mother on the phone.
  • I wove a few inches on my test piece. The loom works reasonably well, aside from some ratchet issues, but I really will need to have a bench before I can work at it for long periods of time. Currently, I have a chair with a couple of big books stacked on it to bring me up high enough, but that isn't very comfortable.
  • I've read one and a half science fiction novels, which probably explains why I felt like I didn't do much. Usually, when I read a book in a day, I don't get much else done, but these have been pretty lightweight.
Anyway, writing that list makes it clear that I have been busy and that the spinning wheel and fleece chiding me for ignoring them will just have to stop whining. I can only do so much in two days!

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Maaike said...

Wow - you were productive! I'm truly impressed. What science-fiction books did you read? I'm looking for new book suggestions.

Have you ever read the Ender's Game series by Orson Scott Card? Awesome books!