Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sunday Scribbling: If I could stop time...

This is in response to a Sunday Scribblings prompt.

If I could stop time, I don't think I would use it much during the day. There are enough afternoons that drag on forever already. However, the ability to stop time would be wonderful at night. Imagine, being able to stay up and watch , sleep for 10 hours, and still wake up early enough to watch the balloons launching in the morning. I would probably waste any extra waking hours, but I would love to be able to sleep "late" and still be able to pose as one of those perky "morning people".

If I had rapid enough reflexes with the time-stopping ability, it could save me a lot of cleaning. Whenever I fumble and spill something, I could stop time and catch it before it makes a big mess. I could keep that soda out of the carpet. I could stop that glass from shattering on the floor.

If I could stop time after someone insulted me, would I be able to think of the perfect comeback? Probably not. The things I should have said generally don't come to me until I've gone to bed at night. Of course, with the extra sleep I could get from stopping time at night, I might be so well-rested that I become amazingly quick-witted.

The problem with contemplating a superpower is that I always wonder about the drawbacks. What's the catch? For instance, would I still age while I've stopped time? If so, I could find myself physically years beyond my calendar age, with a correspondingly "shorter" lifespan. Would I be able to have someone else join me "unstopped" in time? If not, it might be rather lonely. (I think that is why I would rather use the ability for sleeping than working.) Combine that with the aging, and I would have a power that should not be used lightly. I guess I'll just keep living one minute per minute instead.

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