Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Minor accomplishments

The majority of our eBay listings have sold (or will as soon at the auction ends) so I need to package stuff up and mail it as soon as the payments clear. We already sent out three things, along with a few books for PaperBackSwap. We probably should give our mail carrier an extra nice present this year.

Been doing a lot of spinning this week. A bag of fiber from my stash seems to want to spin fine, laceweight or fingering, I think. I'll have to decide how I want to ply it once I'm done with the singles. For now, I'm just enjoying the spinning.

Did some yard work this weekend, trimming roses until I ran out of room in the bin for the debris. Piled up the compost with non-thorny stuff. Still a lot to do. Destruction is rather satisfying.

Getting into a bad habit of staying up past midnight, now that I don't have work in the morning. Going to bed now, but I just wanted to write something to show I'm still here.

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