Wednesday, December 24, 2008

All packed and ready to go

I'm flying to visit family today and am declaring myself packed now. I would pack more yarn and books, but the bag wouldn't close when I tried it. I'll just have to content myself with enough laceweight to make a shawl, random scraps of worsted that could make a hat or two, a pair of socks in progress, and maybe another ball or two of sock yarn. (I'll probably shove one more ball in my carryon just before I leave.

Anyway, here I am, done packing (more or less), with about an hour to spare until the taxi is scheduled to arrive. If I'm not careful, I may start cleaning or something.

The cat knows something is up. He's pretty cranky and annoyed that I'm not letting him outside, but it is getting close enough to go time that I don't want to have to track him down in the neighbor's yard while the taxi is waiting. If past trips are any indication, he'll be completely stir crazy by the time we get back after Christmas. I tried bribing him with a half can of gooshy food, but even that didn't appease him.

Sam just headbutted my shin as I sit here typing. Forget picking up the packing chaos, I'm going to cuddle my kitty until it is time to go.

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