Monday, January 24, 2005

Single-handedly bringing down the forests...

Somebody sent some gibberish to the printer here at work, making it spew out about about a ream of mostly blank pages. The tray was empty when I got there, so I refilled it, unfortunately allowing it to continue its tree-killing ways. After hitting the cancel job button every time I saw a nonsense page come out, I gave up and powercycled the printer. After it woke up again, it seemed calmer, and just printed out a big pile of powerpoint slides. Either it was a really repeditive presentation, or someone sent the same file two or three times in a row. Who prints out powerpoint slides one to a sheet? Come to think of it, who prints out powerpoint slides in general? The only time I've done it is for class notes and I printed six slides to a page. I guess some people have no clue how to use their software.

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