Monday, February 21, 2005

Excessive ebay success

Last week, I went to ebay and bid on a copy of Knitting From The Top. I was promptly outbid, so I bid on another auction for the same book. This weekend, I got an email stating that there was a bid retraction on the first auction and I am now the high bidder. So, now I have won the first auction and will also win the second auction unless someone else snipes it in the next hour. *sigh* I just wanted to have one copy of that book!

I guess I may be re-ebaying one of the copies. Perhaps I'll ask my fellow weaving students if any of them would be interested in buying the second book from me; I think some of them knit. Of course, I could always keep it to use as a gift for a new knitter, or something.

On Saturday, I went in to the yarn shop and threaded my warp through the heddles. Tonight, I'll need to wind it up on the back beam and tie it to the front apron before I can start weaving. Also, I'll get to learn about how to set up the treadles for weaving twill fabric. We'll see how that goes.

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