Thursday, June 23, 2005

Stay connected, darn you!

Most of my work is done on a server in another building, connecting via ssh. Today, the connection has been up and down (mostly down) so much that I wonder if someone is sitting there kicking the network port. There are other machines on that system that I can connect to and reach my files, but the computer with the appropriate software installed is hiding from me. It had been responding just long enough for me to get in the middle of a thought before disconnecting. Thanks to screen I don't have to start a session completely from scratch, but that doesn't help much now that the connection seems down for good. I haven't had a reply from their system staff, so I guess I won't be working on that computer for a while. If it isn't up when I come in tomorrow morning, I think I'll just work on something completely different on my local machine and hope it'll be better on Monday. (Of course, few things are better on Mondays. Such is the nature of that day.) *sigh*

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