Sunday, August 07, 2005

Hey, I just mopped that!

Yesterday, I cleaned the bathroom and gave the kitchen floor a long-overdue mopping, while my husband hauled all of our recyclables to the bins in the K-mart parking lot down the street. He came back with a nice glass pitcher that someone had tossed in the glass bin. A quick run through the dishwasher and we have a new decorative pitcher. It's nice to have good scrounging luck.

We made some curry for supper and watched our Unbreakable DVD on the computer. I'd seen the movie before, so this time I was noticing more details, like the use of color. I watched the extras on the second disc, and was slightly surprised by how many of the names I recognized in the discussion of comic books and superheroes. When I was a kid, the only comic books I read were the various Archie comics, but in grad school the public library had a small graphic novel section and I got caught up on my superhero stories. It appeals to me in much the same way as the fairy tale retellings I enjoy reading. Sometimes you have to exaggerate reality in order to tell a real story. Mythic archetypes, blah, blah, blah...

This morning there was a small puddle of some sort of dark brown or black fluid on the floor under the back of the refridgerator. I know it wasn't there yesterday, because I had just mopped it. *grumble* We pulled the refridgerator away from the wall and cleaned up the floor, but we're not quite sure what it is or where it is coming from. It's a mystery. We'll see if it happens again, and take it from there. I guess it is just a coincidence that something is leaking just after I mopped, but it feels like we have a spiteful appliance on our hands.

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