Sunday, July 31, 2005

Lots of family time

Went to the family reunion yesterday. It was pretty good, but 'm feeling slightly sore today, probably from all the time I spent jumping on the trampoline and giving a nine-year-old girl a piggy-back ride up a hill.

Right now, we're all just waiting for people to get here for my sister's baby shower this afternoon. The house has been picked up, food is in the fridge, and presents are piled on the dining room table, so this is down-time for all of us. I think there was some talk about going for a dip in the pool earlier, so I might see if anyone is going for that after I post this message.

I'm using my mother's laptop to type this entry and am getting a little annoyed with the keyboard. There seems to be a bit of a lag which, when combined with the slight difference in keyboard size, is causing a number of typos and backtracking to fix them. I wonder if she has something running in the background...

My parents' dog is wandering around the office here. She is a mellow black lab that showed up under a car in their driveway when she was a puppy. Now that she has outgrown her initial puppy energy, she is one of the calmest dogs I know. Of course, now my parents have a little calico kitten that has adopted them (found in the same place as the dog had been. We suspect somebody dumps unwanted animals one to a house in this neighborhood.) and likes to provoke the dog, so she is a little more active than she would be if left to her own devices. Right now she is taking a nap by my father's desk. The house is very quiet.

Okay, the typing lag is getting to frustrating for me to continue. I'll write more some other time.

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