Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

Today hasn't really been all that great, especially for Halloween. It's not bad, exactly, but nothing particularly good has happened.

The problems started last night when I managed to walk into a wall in the dark, bumping my face. Somehow I thought the doorway was located a bit to the right of where is actually was. No noticeable bruising or anything, but my nose is a little tender when I touch it. My yell of pain did not disturb my sleeping husband at all. I think he could sleep through anything.

Daily Saving Time is once again destroying whatever slight sense of time I had. I need to remember to reset the clock in my car, since once again we irrationally changed our timepieces by an hour. If I were a bit more energetic, I would link to one of my previous DST rants, but it is so dark right now (stupid clock changing!) that I just don't feel like doing much.

Work wasn't actually bad, but it didn't really have any high points. I take that back, lunch was tasty, since I remembered to actually pack something for a change (the last of the beef barley soup with mushrooms, a can of Citrus Drop, and a handful of Halloween chocolates).

I didn't interact with anyone at work today. There is a very loud talker in the office next to mine, so I eventually gave up and shut my door, which pretty much cut off all chances of casually chatting with people passing by. I've been trying to work out a tricky bit of design for a new feature and it just isn't coming together right. Again, not a really bad thing, but it would have been nice to start the week with even a small success.

My husband just called to remind me to come home and carve pumpkins before kids start knocking on our door. That should be fun. I think I may have to go pick out and hoard a bunch of the dark chocolate pieces for my own use.

Still no niece or nephew for me. I was hoping my sister would deliver today. Having Halloween for a birthday would be kind of cool. Besides, I would win bragging rights if the prediction I made at the baby shower actually was correct. If she has it tomorrow, my husband will get to gloat. Either way, our guesses are way closer than the impatient older members of the family that were predicting two weeks ago.

Okay, time to go home, play with pumpkin guts, and eat much candy.

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