Monday, March 06, 2006

Annoying allergies

Up until now, I've not had a noticeable allergic reaction to any substance, but this year the junipers have overwhelmed me. Apparently it is a particularly bad year, affecting even those of us who usually don't have bothersome allergies. As I tried to fall asleep last night, my eyes were so dry that it felt like I had little wads of cotton shoved under my eyelids. That may also explain the mild headache I had the previous afternoon. If my reaction was that bad, I shudder to think of what it is like for my husband. Of course, he's always doped up on Allegra or something similar, so perhaps the drugs buffered the full impact of the junipers.

Fortunately, I felt just fine after a nice steamy shower this morning, so I guess I managed to wash off the irritating juniper pollen. Spending most of the day indoors at work probably helps, too. Yesterday, I took a couple of long walks around the neighborhood, exposing myself to whatever Nature wanted to throw at me.

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