Friday, March 17, 2006

I'm going mad!

The wind is howling outside my office window. When it comes from a certain direction, it generates some sort of high-pitched whine on this side of the building. At times like this, I can start to understand how settlers on the plains could be driven insane by the wind. Earlier this afternoon, before the wind escalated, there was some sort of construction work going on nearby, so I've been unsuccessfully attempting to block out noise with music all day.

On top of the noise, I have a bit of a headache from caffeine withdrawal (no doubt aggravated by the Evil Wind), so today has been disappointingly unproductive. I was getting an unexpected error with code that was working yesterday, and in the process of moving the working copies to the side to check out a fresh copy from the repository, I deleted the new files that had yet to be added to the project. I was thinking "mv" but typed "rm". D'oh! The new classes didn't have any real content yet, mostly some copy-paste find-replace boilerplate stuff, so I should be able to regenerate them quickly, once I can think straight again. Perhaps the wind will be blowing on the other side of the building on Monday. Perhaps I should invest in a pair of earplugs.

Anyway, it's definitely time for me to wrap things up and go home. We have some Chicken Kiev to assemble.

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