Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Baby birds at work tragedy

Remember the baby birds on my window ledge? All last week I watched them grow visibly plumper as they were fed by both parents. We had some very windy days, but they were safe and secure in their nest.

On Monday, I came back to work looking forward to observing them some more. I knew I probably wouldn't have much time left with them, judging from how fast they were growing, but nothing prepared me for what I found. One of the birds was gone completely, its fate unknown. The other was on the edge of the nest on the ledge, dead. I wasn't able to write about it on the day I found it. Its body is still there today, since I can't open the window and, as I mentioned, the nest is sheltered.

I have no idea what happened. We're on the second floor, so any attack would have to come from the air. Do predatory birds attack nests? Was there an avian Cain and Abel situation? I'll never know, I guess. Looking at the short tail feathers on the body, I don't have much hope that the missing bird was able to fly away.

I only had a week with them chirping outside my window, but I miss them.
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knitfriendly said...

I am so sorry to hear about your baby birds. That is such a sad story! :( Congratulations on your pattern in Knitty! I currently live in Virginia but I grew up in Los Alamos. I just wanted to stop in and say hello to a fellow New Mexican who knits! :)