Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Back at work

This afternoon, my manager came by to ask if I would mind not giving a "performance review" presentation later this month, since the powers that be have scheduled far too many talks in the time allotted. I had to think about it a little bit to decide if my initial reaction to agree was mainly because I would rather not get up in front of a crowded room and try to sell myself. Admittedly, that was a large part of it, but since I don't actually have much in the way of flashy, "promote me now!" sort of results this year, my manager and I agreed that there wouldn't be much use in me doing a talk this time. There are a limited number of slots in our center, so the impression is that only people who are seriously hoping to get converted this year should bother.

The nice part of this (besides getting out of prepping for a talk just after getting back from the holiday break) is that my manager wants to help me prepare throughout the coming year so I actually will have some nice "promote me now!" material when this time rolls around again. My last manager just left us all to our own devices, and assumed we would just claw our way to the top on our own if it really mattered to us.

We have a department meeting tomorrow morning. I'd better go to bed early tonight.

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