Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Hungry rambling

The soup was so successful that we are thinking of making another batch tonight. Besides, what else would we do with the leftover leek we bought? We did change the recipe slightly. Instead of filtering out some of the solids, we left all the vegetables in the pot and just gave it a few pulses with the immersion blender to make it a little more creamy. Yum! We don't have enough blue cheese left to make the second batch the same as the first, so we may try some sort of blue cheese and cheddar variant. Also, we have some spinach we need to use, so some of that might find its way into the soup pot as well. Eh, we might just make a soup that bears only a passing resemblance to the previous batch. It still should be tasty with a salad. (Hooray for bulk purchases of salad greens at Costco.)

I've been plugging away at work, trying to keep my focus on the task at hand, even if I don't find it particularly riveting. I'm going to have to do a major redesign of some classes in the near future, but I haven't decided if that is likely to be interesting, painful, or both. Sometimes I feel like I'm trying to dig out a house foundation with a teaspoon. *sigh*

I'm getting hungry. We better start that soup soon if that is what we're eating tonight. According to my husband, I get cranky when I'm hungry. He's probably right, but I'm generally too cranky to notice. Besides, it's hard to act cranky if there is no one else around, like when I'm sitting in my office writing a blog entry. When I was single and living alone, I sometimes would forget about eating supper and end up going to bed somewhat hungry, perhaps with a small snack, but now that I'm married and have someone else to interact with in the evenings my food-related moods are a bit more obvious. I'm probably a bit healthier now, having someone to point out that I should put down the knitting/book/loom or step away from computer/television/spinning wheel and have an actual meal, but I have to be careful that more consistent eating habits don't interact badly with the sedentary lifestyle of a computer geek. Once the days get a little longer, we'll actually be able to do something outside after work, so that should help.

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