Wednesday, May 31, 2006

28 years old

It's my birthday today. I liked being three cubed, but I guess I'll get used to four times seven. For most of this past year, my husband and I were both 33, my mother was 72, and my sister was 52. With this birthday, we'll have to move on to other age tricks.
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Laura Commins said...

Hi Brooke. It's Laura. No clue if you will even remember me but at South Elementary we both always had to go to the nurse after lunch and brush our teeth. Ok embarassing. Anyway I moved away after fourth grade and haven't lived in Danville since but I saw your blog on classmates so I thought I would stop by and leave a comment. My blog is Anyway, I hope you have a happy birthday!

Jim BUCHANAN said...

Happy birthday! You have the same birthday as my little sister who is living in Canada. Thanks for linking to your blog. It's great to see that you've got an interesting, rich life.