Thursday, May 18, 2006 is very annoying

I've been trying to connect with my old high school classmates to let them know about the reunion discussion group, but unfortunately, my best bet at the moment seems to be That site annoys me so much I can't bring myself to give them any money, but they won't let one member send a message to another without at least one of them being a paid member. I tried to put a URL in an announcement (to redirect people to my blog, if you must know), but apparently "http://" is an "inappropriate word" on that site. Argh! I have some "inappropriate words" of my own for you,!
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StGabe said...

Hey there. I just caught your comment on my blog. Obviously I don't always keep up on that thing. :)

Regarding finding classmates your best bet is probably MySpace if you haven't tried that. About a fifth of my class my HS class is on there and I've even found people I went to gradeschool with.

I'm well. I finally "wised" up and realized that IU wasn't where I wanted to be. I moved to LA to make cell phone games for a living and I'm roughly 100 times more productive and happy. :) I'm getting married in August to a nice Social Worker gal I met out here.

Hope all's well in Albuquerque. You can leave me me a message at:

if you want to say hi. (don't want to reveal my email address to the evil spiders lurking out there :P)