Thursday, May 25, 2006

Housebuying update: closing and gardening

We closed on the house yesterday, so now we have a much smaller bank balance and a set of keys we can use on Friday. It’s amazing how many redundant forms we had to sign. For instance, part of the mortgage said that we promise we will be living in the house as our primary residence, but we had to sign an additional document several forms later that said about the same thing. We were feeling a bit goofy by the time it was all over.

Before the closing, we met with the seller at the house to get a quick overview of how to care for all the plants, especially all of the many roses around the place. It mostly came down to water the plants when they get unhappy, prune them when they get in the way, and be sure to pull the bindweed and other pests before they hurt anything. Well, that’s sort of the bare minimum to keep everything going. We could put a lot more work into it if we wanted to, but it is good to know that we won’t have to devote our lives to yard work.

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