Thursday, May 11, 2006

Housebuying update: Inspections

We had a general inspection and a termite inspection last Friday. Not much wrong on the general inspection, just a few odds and ends. The termite guy found signs of nibbles under the house, but nothing too bad. We'll want them to remove the wood on on dirt next to the house and get the place treated, though.

This morning we had the sewer line inspected. The guy snaked a camera down the line and found roots and shifted pipe. He was surprised that the sellers have claimed they had now backups, since he got his camera snagged a few times.

So, we've filled out the objections form and said "There are signs of termites. Kill them!" and "The sewer line is broken. Replace it!". I'm glad we paid for inspections now, rather than having a nasty surprise the first time we flushed a toilet after moving in.

Otherwise, things are moving along. We filled out some forms for the title company and have a packet from the mortgage guy to deal with tonight.

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