Thursday, June 03, 2004

Back where I started again...

I've spent the past two days restructuring code and just now restored the original behaviour. At least I did find a couple of bugs in a code library.

I'm about to move some functionality into a new class. I'm hoping that it doesn't break it all over again.

Unlike when I was trying to get some toy project to work for a class in school, I actually care about doing this stuff right. (Well, I cared about it in school, too, but didn't have as much time to devote to it.) Once I finish getting this framework set up, we should see some impressive progress. Unfortunately, while I set up the framework, it doesn't look like much is happening. Oh well.

The wind is from the east today, so the humidity is all the way up to 20% or so. I never thought I'd be saying "up to" 20%. There are actually some clouds in the sky today. It was almost overcast this morning. I'm glad I flew back to my hometown for my sister's wedding last week. I was starting to miss rain.

It was a lovely wedding. I think they'll be very happy. Unfortunately for me, I no longer can use my sister's wedding to distract my mother from my own plans (or lack thereof). I have to get my act together!

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