Monday, June 07, 2004

My reach exceeds my grasp

I had such nice success at the end of last week that I tried to continue it this morning by adding a new clever trick to my code. Unfortunately, that broke the program in a mysterious way and I had to revert most of it back to the backup version. So much for being clever. Tomorrow, I'll come back and add the functionality with a more plodding, brute force technique. (I hate it when I have to resort to that.)

In other news, my fiance gave me the wonderful birthday present of a set of new bobbins for my spinning wheel! He used some nice, pretty wood for them. (Walnut, rosewood, and one other type that I can't remember.) Isn't he great? As soon as the finish is dry on them, I'm going to try them out spinning some more yarn for my mother's shawl.

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