Thursday, June 10, 2004

Creepy naked guy

Last night around 12:30 some weird naked guy came knocking on my door. He asked if I wanted to go swimming, told me not to be scared (yeah, that always reassures people!), and said he had enjoyed watching me. That last bit is what freaked me out enough to call the police. Of course, he was gone by the time they arrived. I had my fiance come over and stay to make me feel safe enough to sleep.

I'm not sure which is a creepier thought, that this nut might have been peeking past my bedroom blinds and watching me in some state of undress, or that he enjoyed watching me sit on the couch in my living room watching late-night television. Either thought is quite disturbing. I think I'll be keeping my blinds shut at night now.

I'm wondering where this guy came from. Does he live in my complex? Would I recognize him if I saw him in the mailroom? What would I do if I did?

*sigh* It's a strange world. I suppose that after enough time goes by, this will become one of those odd stories you tell at parties, but for now, I'm still a bit on edge.
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Susanna Chenoweth said...

Stay aware of who's around you when you walk around your apartment complex. Yes, most definitely keep those blinds shut and your doors locked at night. Have you mentioned the incident to your apartment managers? Have other tenants made similar complaints? Maybe apartment security could do some extra rounds? I'm glad you called the cops and that Buck came over. Most people are good and decent, but that guy's definitely a sick-o. I'd say keep some pepper spray with you whenever you're out and have Buck there as much as possible. I've not had a naked stranger outside my door, but years ago I did have a string of really sick calls. They always occurred whenever your dad went out of town. Your dad called the phone company and we had our line monitored, but never caught anybody. The guy's probably a harmless, but disgusting sleaze, but you be extra careful. I can certainly understand your feeling on edge. These kind of people make me really mad.