Thursday, December 01, 2005

Amazing Knitting

Debbie New's work is mind-boggling. I've seen her knit boat in the back of A Gathering of Lace and it is clearly not a lone impressive project. I am going to have to read her book, Unexpected Knitting a soon as I can get my hands on a copy.

I found both the site linked above and the site from my previous entry in this blog entry on geek knitting. Of course, I ran across that site while googling for a cabled alphabet pattern, which I fear does not exist on the web. I know that [info]dragoncrafter has done some cabled runes, so I might resort to asking if she has done a standard alphabet as well. If not, her tutorial on designing cabled trees may provide me with enough guidance to chart my own. Of course, I could always just give up and make letters with seed stitch or some other texture, but that wouldn't be nearly as challenging.

By the way, both Debbie New and Horst Schultz (the guy who designed that block pattern) have books available at Schoolhouse Press.

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john said...

This looks like stuff you might like (culled from Boing Boing). A "scrollbar" scarf.

Here is a Flickr photoset of a knitted doll reenactment of "Shaun of the Dead"