Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Howard Tayler on Evolution and Intelligent Design

Howard Tayler wrote:
"I believe that eventually our science will be good enough that we can explain to God how we think He did it, and He'll say 'Great job! You get an A! It would have been an A+, but you left 'Dark Energy' in place as a fudge factor. Now here's a nebula full of hydrogen. Show Me what you can build.' Until then, however, I'm not going to use the book of Genesis as a template for a scientific theory. The answers may be in The Book, but we're expected to show our work. That's the only way that we can enjoy the fruits of DOING the work."
I recommend reading the whole essay. I get tired of people setting up a false dichotomy between science and faith, but am a little too lazy to write about it myself. (That's what linking to other people is for! *grin*)

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