Tuesday, December 13, 2005


We woke up to snow this morning. It was rather exciting since we don't get it down in the valley very often. Oddly enough, it felt warmer today than it had for several days before. The snow was pretty much gone except for in the shadows by lunchtime (I haven't gone out and looked since then).

I'm all alone in my office now. My former officemate transferred to another department and his stuff was finally moved this week. Now I'll actually have to go down the hall to find a lunch companion. Of course, with the way they've been moving us out of the building, I may have to resort to email before long.

On Saturday, I finally mailed the package that has been sitting in my living room for weeks now. My sibling should be receiving a family set of socks soon. In fact, the Postal Service claims they tried to deliver it and left a notice (fun with confirmation numbers and the postal service website. Did you know that Google also works?). Considering that the address was a post office box, I guess that means they'll be able to get it the next time they go down there for their mail. I took some pictures before mailing it, so I'll try to remember to post those soon.

I'm still at the office, using work equipment for personal purposes. :) As soon as I get home, my husband and I are going out for Indian food. Mmm... Indian food...

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