Thursday, December 22, 2005

Hi Matt!

My friend Matt has just discovered that I link to him, although he was a little confused at first. Gee, Matt, I thought I told you about this nickname when we were in grad school.

I find it amusing that he found me via the BlogShares page for his blog, and I found BlogShares while Googling for him. (The BlogShares site showed up on the first page several links below the blog itself.)

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Matt said...

Yes, you did tell me... but when you're hanging out with someone from your undergrad, and just poking around, the context switch can be a bit much.

Actually, it took me a long time (well, a minute or two, which to be fair is a long time). I thought "Who is this Squeaky person?" Then, I thought "Mercy! Whoever this person is, they knit like a fiend!" In fact, I thought the knitting was on the edge of compulsive, given the pictures on the weblog. Then I thought "What woman in NM, in CS, even knows about or reads my weblog..."

Yeah, the thought process was that involved. You'd think I'd been hit by the stupid stick.


Merry Christmas; I'll catch up with you in slightly less public media soon... :)